Social Media

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    To begin posting we will need access to all of your existing social media accounts. For Facebook and LinkedIn, we will need to be made “Admin” of the page (instructions attached separately), for Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform we will just need the login credentials. If there are no existing accounts, please advise which accounts you will need to be created according to your contract agreement.

    Whether it be funny memes, social media holidays, or strictly informational – let us know! We want to get to know your style to better represent your business and brand.

    Generally, what age group or audience demographic are you looking to speak to with your posts? Parallel with your brand's style, we want to make sure our content will be received appropriately by your audience!

    Each month around mid-month we will reach out to this contact seeking approval of the organic social media we have put together for the month to follow. This point of contact can feel free to send back any revisions needed, can suggest alternate posts, and can send personal company/facility images to post or to use for future social media.

    Are there holidays or social issues that you would specifically like to avoid or include? Let us know so we have a better understanding of your company values.

    Let us know anything else we should know to personalize your social media to the best of our ability?