The Only One Who Hates Your Outdated Website More Than Your Customers Is Google

Have you made any changes to your business? New services, discontinued services, phone number changes or staff changes? It is VITAL that your website is being updated with this information.

Keeping Your Website Updated

Take Some Pictures

If your site is full of generic stock photos, odds are you are losing a lot of potential online leads. Please send us any and all in-house photos you have or consider hiring a photographer to come in for a day and grab photos.

Search Engine Optimization

Step Up Your SEO

We want your site ranking on page 1 just as much as you do! The reality is, this HAS to be a team effort. In the same way you’ve journeyed to making your business a fixture in the local community, we need to do the same with your website. Up-to-date local content on events, history, etc. of your community and surrounding areas is important to show the search engines who deserves to be first!

Indigo Can Help!

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Keeping Your Website Updated | Indigo Business Solutions

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