We developed a machine learning model that automatically identifies if business hours are likely wrong, then instantly updates them with AI-generated predictions.

~ Google

How does this impact your business?

If Google thinks your hours are inaccurate, they will automatically change the hours listed on your Google My Business page to reflect what they believe is accurate… whether those truly are your hours of operation or not.

That’s right, Google knows your business better than you do…

Why is this urgent?

Google claims they are on pace to update the business hours of “over 20 million businesses around the globe in the next six months using AI.”

What we’re doing

In an effort to ensure your business hours remain accurate, we help our clients monitor and update their Google My Business page to keep things accurate. If you’re not a client of Indigo Business Solutions, please request a Free Marketing Evaluation and we will help you take care of your online presence.

Google May Change Your Business Hours | Indigo Business Solutions

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